Edible clay Chunks Nakumatt Bhutdo, Khadi, Bhutado, Mitti, Butter Grey Roasted Indians Exporter Jay Jalaram Enterprise

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We are Shipping Exporting Worldwide India to Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Africa, Dubai Same Day Shipping. All Payment Option Available Crunchy, earthy, fully roasted edible natural clay chunks, with a rich roasted flavor. Craving for eating soil/clay From Gujarat(India) edible clay Wholesale & Retail available So if you are vendors who sell groceries Please contact for Bulk Inquiry +919033377797 - Please Whatsapp Your Order Details During COVID19 Lockdown.

What is edible Clay?

edible clay is nothing but purified clay baked with woods. One can eat it and no harmful symptoms observed

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What are The Best Indian Edible Clay ?

Indian grey roasted clay OR indian grey baked clay is very popular and well known clay among for Healthy clay eating People, This clay is grit free, crunchy and a bit gummy

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edible Clay Chunks Online Taste?

It tastes butter smooth and earthy once it melts in your mouth.

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What Our Clients Say

We Are Importing Products from Jay Jalaram Enterprise Rajkot Gujarat India Since They were Started. Quality & Support remained Same. Thank You Sagar Ganatra