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Neem Natural Stick


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If we talk about neem then it is an ayurvedic plant present on this earth.
The twig of the neem plant is used as brushing teeth as it is very helpful in
strengthening teeth. Neem is a plant with characteristics like

 Anti carcinogenic property
 Anti malarial property
 Anti bacterial property
 Antiseptic property
 Anti viral property
 Anti oxidant property
 Anti inflammatory property

Chewing real neem twig is another way to keep your teeth white and healthy
avoiding cavities and bleeding gums. Chewing neem twig should be approximately
15 cm long. A natural mouth freshener is neem twig. Another advantage is that
chewing it in the morning before eating anything is useful in improving health of
diabetes patients.
Chewing neem twig helps in producing more saliva in your mouth inturn helping in
digestion. It even fastens digestive system.
Chemical toothpaste being harsh makes your teeth more weak and has many side
effects. Then why use something which knowingly we use to make the first step of
our digestion i.e. our teeth weak? So neem twig is used as toothpaste and a
toothbrush altogether. Chemical toothpaste contains strident chemicals like:

Sodium chloride
Potassium sulfate
Artificial flavors
Added colors

which are very harmful to our mouth.

Instead of using prosperous toothpaste using neem twig would be far more
recommended by doctors too. Chemical toothpastes even wear out your enamel
slowly resulting in sensitivity of teeth. It sometimes results in inflammation of mouth
and slow digestion finally resulting in digestive problems.
Chemical toothpastes can nevertheless be used by adults but not by kids less than 6
years of age. If used by mistake can cause harm o their mouth as well as their


Neem Natural Stick

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