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Neem Galo Ayurvedic Powder


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Galo is an Indian product. Galo is an extremely useful product that is made out of
neem tree parts. It is one of the best medicine in the world. It has 6 different tastes
in galo. It helps in getting cured from disease simple and long diseases like cough,
sinus, cold etc. The spicy, bitter taste of galo keeps us healthy. The galo contains


It also removes the disease from the roots forever. There are many other natural
medicines but noe is like neem and galo. You can get its recipe online easily.
Diseases like:

 Stomach pain
 White spots
 Joint problems

Can be cured with galo if consumed regularly.
It is made with different medicines mentioned above. It is used for curing diseases.
It can be prepared by crushing the above medicines. It can be used in curing almost
all types of diseases.

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