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5 kg Edible clay Nakumatt Bhutdo, Khadi, Bhutado, Mitti, Butter Grey Roasted Indian Clay Wholesale Free Shipping


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Natural, edible Roasted Nakumatt Clay Chunks

Crunchy, earthy, fully roasted edible natural clay chunks, with a rich roasted flavor.
Craving for eating soil/clay From Gujarat(India) edible clay Wholesale & Retail available So if you are vendors who sale groceries Please contact for Bulk Inquiry or We are Exporting Worldwide.
->This edible clay is nothing but purified clay baked with woods. One can eat it and no harmful symptoms observed.
->Indian grey roasted clay OR indian grey baked clay is very popular and well known clay among for Healthy clay eating People, This clay is grit free, crunchy and a bit gummy.
It tastes butter smooth and earthy once it melts in your mouth.
Naturally this clay is grey in color but roasting process gives it black and grey color combination.
This clay is heavily used in detoxification and as a natural fertilizer as it contains iron and calcium.
There are many names of this clay like Bhutdo, Khadi, Bhutado, Mitti, Butter Grey Roasted and many more.
Please Inquiry for Import to your Country or Sample.
Note:- Pricing Details in Wholesale or Bulk Import Bhutdo, Khadi, Bhutado, Mitti, Butter Grey Roasted Clay as below.
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According to the research, the most probable explanation for human geophagy — the eating of earth — is that it protects the stomach against toxins, parasites, and pathogens.

The first written account of human geophagy comes from Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago, says Sera Young, a researcher at Cornell University and the study’s lead author. Since then, the eating of earth has been reported on every inhabited continent and in almost every country.

Despite its ubiquity, scientists up to now have been unable to definitively explain why people crave earth. Several hypotheses had been considered plausible. Some researchers think geophagy is simply a consequence of food shortage. In other words, people eat dirt to ease the pangs of hunger, even though it doesn’t provide any nutritional value. Others have suggested that nutrition is exactly why dirt is consumed; perhaps people crave dirt because it provides nutrients they lack, such as iron, zinc, or calcium.

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Butter Grey Roasted Indian Exporter –

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 cm


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